When the world is listening


Here’s an interesting fact that you probably didn’t know – over the last few years, many of the world’s biggest and most important sporting and cultural events would simply not have been broadcast without RAVENNA audio networking.


The kinds of events we’re talking about are the ones that have audiences worldwide on the edge of their seats, glued to their television screens or their radios ; the ones that are truly mission-critical, where failure on behalf of the broadcaster is just not an option. The network is the backbone of the audio setup. Any failure in the audio networking could have catastrophic results. 


Broadcasters use RAVENNA audio networking every day, and praise its endless flexibility and ability to work in complex IT setups alongside other IP technology.


These are the features that make RAVENNA the preferred technology for the most demanding audio requirements, where it is crucial that the audio performs flawlessly.


RAVENNA sets itself apart from other audio networking technology in a number of ways:

  • A true layer three protocol
  • Completely adjustable sample rate and bit depth
  • The ability to adapt the protocol to coexist alongside other IP streams
  • Native AES67 compatibility
  • Totally scalable

The openness of RAVENNA, now adopted by nearly 50 manufacturers means its will continue to be used when sound really matters.