This section contains files related to the free version of the RAVENNA Virtual Sound Card for Windows. This version features 2 WDM playback devices and 1 WDM recording device. Please check specifications and system requirements in the RVSC Installation Guide and in the RVSC Specification and the Network Requirements documents, and consult all related documents for further hints.


You are entitled to use the software under the conditions detailed in the SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR RAVENNA WINDOWS SOFTWARE document. In particular, ALC expressly disclaims any warranty for the software and denies any liability rising out from use or inability to use the software.



IMPORTANT NOTE: A Network Interface Driver Update may be required in case the RVSC stops working after a Windows 10 System Update. Instructions in documentation below.


Version 1.8
exe File 6.8 MB


The accompanying documentation files do not accurately reflect this brand new release. However, most procedures (i.e. installation requirements & procedures, basic setup steps etc.) still apply – you may have to transpose them to the new WebGUI look&feel. An updated documentation will follow shortly.

RA2SAP Guide v1.3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 683.8 KB

An explanation on the background and operation of the RAV2SAP converter, 
jointly produced by Yamaha’s Patrick Killianey and ALC NetworX’ Andreas Hildebrand


AES67 Practical Guide
AES67 Practical Guide (2).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.7 MB
AM824 - RTP Payload Format for AES3
AM824 - RTP payload format for AES3 (2).
Adobe Acrobat Document 420.8 KB

more documentation can be found in the Resources area