AXIA xNode

SOUND4 / OMNIA ULA 8-Playout

The Universal Lan Audio IP Playout card (RAVENNA & Livewire compatible)


ULA stands for "Universal LAN Audio". ULA is not a new standard, but a "compatibility concept" where audio-over-IP sources from different protocols are now compatible and exchangeable with ULA; for example, we can receive a Livewire source and send it via a RAVENNA network. Thanks to ULA, sources from different protocols are fully cross-compatible. ULA currently integrates two protocols (Livewire and RAVENNA). More protocols will be added in the near future.


All SOUND4 products (PCIe cards) are ULA-compatible.


The ULA 8-Playout is a direct-to-LAN sound card for streaming audio over IP. This card is aimed at OEM integrators who also require advanced functionalities, like Mix Engine and 3D matrix audio.



  • 8 Stereo inputs
  • 8 ULA inputs
  • 8 Stereo outputs
  • 8 ULA outputs
  • Low-latency (1.3ms)
  • Built-in Mix Engine
  • Built-in 3D Matrix