AXIA xNode

AVN-PXH12 12 Channel mixer monitor

The Sonifex AVN-PXH12 is a stereo monitoring device that will allow the user to monitor up to 12 from an input total of 24 audio sources at any one time. The 24 audio sources can be selected from discrete 4 stereo analogue audio inputs (1 front panel 3.5mm jack socket, 2 rear 3.5mm jack sockets and a stereo XLR input pair) or from any RAVENNA / AES-67 AoIP connected streams. These stereo signals are routed to the 12 control channels on the front panel, each of which have a normal and an alternate selection. The front panel has 3 outputs, paralleled stereo headphones on ¼ inch jack and 3.5mm jack sockets – each with their own individual attenuation settings – and a mono-mix speaker output.