AXIA xNode

MM01 - Professional Audio over IP Codec

Professional AoIP distribution for STL or SSL transmission has been established within the broadcast market in the last couple of years and is developed further at a steady pace. Former weak points such as signal runtime, synchronization and reliability finally belong to the past due to highly sophisticated transmission mechanisms using IP protocols and very finely tuned forward error corrections (FEC) that now make common IP networks suitable for professional broadcasting of audio signals. 


The MM01 supports all currently established standards and, depending on customer requirements, it can operate with very low delay, with additional redundancy or based on a DVB transport stream. This great flexibility allows for maximum action flexibility regarding customers system defaults and project budget.


Additional key features are first class multi format audio coding, rock solid network connection and IP robustness, even in stress conditions, thanks to 2wcoms “dual streaming” mechanism. Another highlight of the further development is microsecond accurate latency control (e.g. for SFN – single frequency networks).


The new 2wcom  Stream4Sure standard will provide an even higher reliability by sample precise seamless data selection for up to 4 source streams with different codecs. The latest implementation of SIP, SAP, PTP and RTSP enhanced the features of the MM01 to provide a RAVENNA ready device for the use in a broad variety of ways.