AXIA xNode



Multichannel Level Controller with Analog & AES/EBU In/Out & RAVENNA® AES67 Out 1RU


The MLC8-N offers an eight channel on-ramp converter to a RAVENNA® AES67 network. Equipped with eight individual level controls as well as an overall master level control, the MLC8-N allows proportional mixing of the input signals before delivery to the network. Audio input signals to the MLC8-N may be analog, or balanced/unbalanced AES. All signal levels are metered on the eight precision LED bargraph meters.

This device is ideal for controlling your signals before inserting them into your network. It also offers the individual level controlled AES signals on the rear panel for further distribution. A line level analog audio output that may be fed to a stereo speaker system allows local monitoring of individual signals (solo), or the overall mix of the input signals.