AXIA xNode

JetStream Plus AoIP Engine

The JetStream Plus brings space savings with configuration flexibility to audio networking and routing with 240 channels of I/O in only four rack units. Fifteen card slots are provided to allow customization of analog inputs, analog outputs, digital inputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs and microphone preamps; a Dante® I/O module is also available. Redundant power supplies ensure robust performance. When configured for Television operation, insert points for Dugan automixers are available (up to 8 faders are supported). Audio networking is also flexible, with routing and distribution available via Logitek JetNet, RAVENNA, Livewire™ and optional Dante. The JetStream Plus directly interfaces to many popular TV routers, edit systems and program automation control systems, and allows for direct transfer of audio from and to Radio hard-disk playout systems. 24 channels of EQ and dynamics are available along with 24 mix-minus buses; two profanity delays are provided; frame delay may be set up for TV operations. The JetStream Plus supports one Television console of up to 38 faders or up to three smaller consoles. It provides all functions needed for Logitek’s Helix console line including Helix Television, Helix Studio and Helix Radio.