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R3LAY VRX is the ideal tool for PC-based content production, turning existing PCs into easy-to-use production workstations. Instead of producing in a few, dedicated edit suites, the standalone software solution R3LAY VRX allows a decentralized workflow with journalists producing in parallel on their standard newsroom workstations, covering scenarios like soundbite editing, recording from internet livestreams, TV or radio programs, and conducting phone interviews.


All of this can be done without moving to a dedicated studio or edit suite. Phone signal, microphone signal, summing bus - everything is available at a glance, laid out as the user would expect. No need to worry about audio sources and connections, asR3LAY VRX takes care of it.


To maintain a consistent user experience, also within edit suites, R3LAY VRX is perfectly suited for managing voice recordings and live interviews, including external lines or codecs. R3LAY VRX even allows laptops to become mobile audio workstations with all the features needed to produce on location at press conferences, hotel rooms or sporting and special events.


With R3LAY VRX, broadcasters can optimize their content production workflows by enabling less technically trained journalists or news editors to produce more independently, resulting in more content in less time.






R3LAY VPB, the Swiss Army knife of PC audio handling, works as a PC-based audio router with mixing functionality and integrated VST audio processing engine. Acting as middleware between audio hardware and software it allows unrestricted routing and mixing of audio signals from various sources – this is otherwise impossible to achieve with a standard PC system.


All audio sources and destinations in R3LAY VPB, regardless of  if they originate from hardware audio interfaces, Audio-over-IP connections or software applications, are lined up in a clear matrix view. Interconnections between sources and destinations can be easily established with a mouse click. Its power doesn’t end with simple connections – adding multiple audio signals to a mix with variable volume levels is a core feature of R3LAY VPB. Whenever there is the need for enhancing audio signals, VST plugins can be added to the signal chain.R3LAY VPB includes Lawo‘s renowned processing suite – with the same algorithms used in Lawo’s mc² mixing desks.


Via its native RAVENNA Audio-over-IP integration, R3LAY VPB allows PC-based solutions like playout servers, softcodes servers or studio PCs to easily integrate with the facility‘s audio infrastructure. For seamless workflow integration,R3LAY VPB can be remotely controlled via the IP-based Ember+ protocol, e.g. by master control systems.


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