AXIA xNode


Iggy is a compact but powerful Point of Use product that supports BiDirectional conversion of AES67 to MADI. It supports the conversion of up to 64 channels of audio, in and out. Iggy is robust, and works seamlessly in all environments due to its native support of widely adopted protocols such as NMOS, EmBER+/RAVENNA, Dante / SAP and Dashboard. The multiple types of mounting options available make Iggy great for a wide variety of environments.


  • COMPACT. IGGY supports up to 64 channels of audio conversion between AES67 and MADI in each direction, all in a 1/3 rack width space.
  • BROADLY INTEROPERABLE AUDIO CONVERSION with the lowest latency, highest performance and most complete AES67/ST 2110-30 implementation available.
  • BROADCAST GRADE ROBUSTNESS with redundant power supplies and redundant locking network interfaces.
  • OPEN CONTROL. Brings freedom of choice, including seamless integration into Ross control ecosystem and 3rd-party systems.
  • NETWORKED AUDIO without barriers: IGGY bridges multiple audio networking solutions together: RAVENNA, Dante, NMOS, Livewire+.
  • GOES ANYWHERE. Flexible mounting options, powered over Ethernet and fanless – IGGY’s silent versatility makes it perfect for in-studio use.