AXIA xNode

GatesAir Flexiva VMXPRESS

Audio and Logic Interface.


The Flexiva™ VMXpress system harnesses the Flexiva VistaMax™ digital studio network’s provision for both centralized and distributed audio and logic interfaces to best match the individual requirements of radio facilities. It adds a new level of scalability by economically providing physical inputs and outputs that can be located where needed, while allowing easy integration into the overall Flexiva VistaMax network.


Adding sources and destinations or networking a previously isolated studio is quickly accomplished with the Flexiva VMXpress interface. Eight different models offer numerous analog and digital audio I/O and logic configurations. Based on individual physical plant and operational needs, users can distribute network connectivity to any room in the facility, increase I/O capacity at a technical core area, or create a secondary hub. Flexiva VMXpress is also ideal for ad-hoc point-to-point applications.