AXIA xNode


MADI (AES10) to audio-over-IP bridge.


D.O.TEC® PRODUCER.COM is a multi functional MADI product with outstanding versatility. Equipped with two MADI ports, the device can be integrated into a MADI ring and thus works as an embedder / de-embedder, monitor controller, communications unit, and many more. The PRODUCER.COM can be equipped with an optional RAVENNA module, making the device a versatile I/O and format converter for the audio over IP world.




The PRODUCER.COM offers several serial interfaces. Besides RS-232 and RS-422/485, MIDI data can be embedded and extracted from a MADI stream as well. The serial data takes no bandwidth from the audio transmission. Control signals of the integrated GPI/Os will be transmitted as well and can be extracted from the MADI stream and converted into control signals again with a second PRODUCER.COM.


Communications Unit


The PRODUCER.COM is supplied with different analogue (mic/line input, XLR line outputs, headphones, telephone) and digital interfaces (AES, ADAT, MADI). All of them can be routed to one of the MADI outputs or receive one of the MADI input channels. There are two possibilities to control the device:


  • Software remote: Windows GUI connected via USB for a perfect overview of the signal routing with preset management. Extra functions such as 'disable menu access' to lock the system settings or the 'key editor' for customization of the push buttons on the hardware remote.


  • Hardware remote: PRODUCER.COM REMOTE has dedicated controls for monitoring (volume, dim, mute, monitor matrix) and may also be used for configuration of the device. It provides direct access to functions like talkback, listen, and red light control (via GPI/O). The functionality of the push buttons can be customized via software. A second function may be assigned additionally.




The PRODUCER.COM is equipped with a word clock input which also accepts a sync signal according to AES11 as well as a video reference input. Besides these sources the device can sync on whatever digital input (AES, ADAT or MADI) or the internal clock. Thus depending on the settings a word clock signal can be derived from an incoming MADI signal and will be passed through to the word clock output.





With the outstanding feature set of the PRODUCER.COM, the whole communication as well as the transmission of the pure audio signals (e.g. between stage and control room) can be realized by using one single MADI cable. There is no more need for extra cabling for red light, talkback etc.. The two integrated connectors for analogue telephones offer a smart way for discrete communication with the artist (e.g. a soloist or the conductor). 


Remote control information via RS-232 or RS-422/485 can be connected directly to the 9-pin inputs and can then be de-embedded on stage via a second PRODUCER.COM.


Equipped with high end D/A converters, the PRODUCER.COM is predestined as monitoring unit to easily control the audio signals, not only in MADI environments.


At the same time channels can be routed from the MADI streams onto the other digital outputs to feed e.g. an effect processor or a backup system.


With added RAVENNA support the PRODUCER.COM allows connecting with IP networks extending the application widely. RAVENNA is an optional feature that also can be added later.