AXIA xNode


Give your product the freedom to perform throughout the many applications of audio networking protocols. The BACH-openModule is a full-featured solution for easy integration of most AES67-based control systems including Dante / RAVENNA / NMOS / Ember+ / LW+, and Ethernet AVB, all while protecting your investment from coming shifts in audio networking standards.

The BACH-openModule delivers unequalled performance with up to 512×512 channels of audio, latency is unrivalled at 125 µs, and glitchless stream redundancy is always on without any compromise to channel count using dual-Gigabit Ethernet audio-over-IP interfaces.

Accelerate the introduction of your product into multiple markets in one easy step

Lower your overall system cost

Differentiate your product via customization, such as your own workflow controller that is tailored to your customers’ needs

ROSS’ comprehensive Product Development toolkit (PDK), complete with software and FPGA development tools, streamlines integration, dramatically lowering time to market and total-system-cost.  The onboard dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPU includes its own Linux environment, enabling the development of custom embedded applications and FPGA cores for custom audio interfaces or processing.