AXIA xNode



High Density Multichannel RAVENNA AES67 Monitor and Converter w/ 32 bargraph displays, stereo analog monitor
& headphone out 1RU


A bi-directional AES67 converter on steroids!  The powerful 32ME-N allows 16 AES3 to and 16 AES3 from AES67 network.  Ensure that your signals are getting to their destinations at a glance using the 32 channels of high resolution metering, 16 of which are dedicated to the AES inputs, and 16 dedicated to the 16 AES outputs.   Also provided is an analog monitoring pair output for aural confidence.


Features of the 32ME-N include:

  • Thirty-two high brightness, 22-Segment LED Audio bargraph displays
  • Audio level displays in groups of eight (four stereo pairs) to facilitate identifying signal pairs   
  • A red LED at the zero (0) reference mark to allow signal levels to be judged from a distance   
  • A blue LED to indicate the audio pair selected to feed the stereo headset jack and analog monitor output.  
  • A multi-function rotary dial and eight character read-out to ease control of the unit