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Working as a manufacturer, supplier and system integrator, 2wcom not only provides versatile and highly reliable products, but also offers first-class support based on long time experience and competence. All solutions for AoIP, SAT, MPX over IP, FM/RDS and DAB+ are future-oriented and can be flexible integrated into existing system environments. The product portfolio includes high quality encoders, decoders, codecs, modulators, demodulators and remote control server. Characteristically is an extensive range of system settings for managing audio networks and a simplicity in configuration by web interface or jog wheel as well as comprehensive redundancy and backup possibilities.


According to 2wcom founder, Werner Drews, the most significant technology trend of the moment is IP. “The impact of IP is really the biggest thing now,” he says, “and it’s a trend that’s gathering speed and significance across the board for our industry. After evaluating several different audio-over-IP interoperability standards, we identified RAVENNA as being the market leader in our field. Furthermore, we had a number of requests from our customers asking for RAVENNA compliance in our products, so it was an extremely straightforward decision to become a RAVENNA partner.”


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