Based in Lyon, France, SOUND4 was inaugurated in 2007. The main objective of SOUND4 was to create a range of multi-function PCI and PCI express card products. It all started with HD/FM processing products, which was then supplemented with an innovative and unique "networking" solution of audio transport over IP; our product range has grown with our multi-channel Voice Processing solutions, and then with a range of products dedicated to Internet radio; finally the Playout is the first Livewire/Ravenna compatible soundcard. Sound4 is part of the Telos Alliance.


Vincent Defretin, Product Manager, about RAVENNA:

"SOUND4 is excited to announce this new partnership for RAVENNA technology integration. At SOUND4 we really believe in the RAVENNA standard and its future potential. Of course RAVENNA is not the only solution for Audio over IP, but the concept and foundation proves the reality of this new standard, as it has already been adopted by many other manufacturers. The Sound4 portfolio already includes many RAVENNA-enabled products.”


Contact Information


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69004 Lyon - France


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