Sonifex have been manufacturing high quality, reliable professional audio & video equipment for radio and television studios for over 43 years and have a wide portfolio. With a background in high quality audio products, Sonifex have expanded their product range to include 3G, HD & SD-SDI video embedders, de-embedders and Dolby® E and Dolby Digital encoding and decoding solutions. A recent addition to the portfolio is the Pro Audio Streamer range of IP streaming solutions.


Marcus Brooke, General Manager, about RAVENNA:                   

"We’d been looking for an open standard for IP audio connectivity for quite some time – some of our newer products required an Ethernet-based audio streaming protocol for multi-channel audio with sub-sample synchronization accuracy, whilst still maintaining a very low latency....and then came along RAVENNA. Combined with its open nature, RAVENNA is the perfect technology for us. Also, the timing was right for us to starting using RAVENNA, given the need for this kind of open standard in the broadcast world and the increase in dominant technology-based broadcast companies joining the RAVENNA consortium. I’d like to think that one day, quite soon, all broadcast products will be able to talk to each other using RAVENNA.”


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