M.T.S., represented by Cédric Maufroy, was created in 2009 and offers hardware and software solutions as well as integration services related to the implementation of new technologies in radio and television stations. Our experience in this field (nearly 20 years) and our passion for technology allow us to work on innovative solutions for automation, signal transportation, monitoring and made-to-measure products that comply with the requirements of 24/7 broadcasting. Among our customers are prestigious brands that have chosen us for our business expertise and ability to produce modular and reliable systems.


Cédric Maufroy, Director, about RAVENNA:


"In our business we often face problems related to system interoperability and real-time sound transmission. We are convinced that the RAVENNA protocol, which is based on public standards, is the appropriate answer because RAVENNA enables the audio infrastructure to be considered in a simple and evolving way. We believe in the power and potential of RAVENNA which is why we have integrated RAVENNA into our product range, as many other manufacturers have already done."


Contact Information

SARL Media Technology Service

73, rue Carnot

94130 Nogent sur Marne 



tel           +33 1 43 24 60 65

fax          +33 1 48 72 72 85

e-mail     cedric@mts-digilab.fr