Swiss-based Micromedia AG is a consulting, technology and engineering provider for radio and TV broadcasters all over the world. Micromedia AG was founded in 1992 and developed professional broadcast software under the Digimedia brand. In 2012 Micromedia started to develop hardware for Audio over IP (AoIP) with Livewire+, later Dante and now Ravenna support. Micromedia is committed to the high quality standards needed by recording studios and broadcasters. Main focus in AoIP hardware are stereo (2 channel) interfaces with AES67 support.


“For our HPA (headphone amplifier) we were looking for additional network-based connectivity for large scale broadcasters in the TV and radio broadcast industry. We chose RAVENNA as it is widely accepted by large scale broadcasters and gives us further compatibility with the leading manufactures of professional consoles and IP-based network management tools.” says Micromedia CTO, George Wismer.


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