Switzerland’s Merging Technologies manufactures innovative, high quality hardware and software systems for audio and video production professionals. These include the high-resolution, multichannel digital audio workstation, Pyramix, the non-linear HD video playback system, VCube and Ovation, a Media Server and Sequencer. Merging’s products are used wherever reliability and the highest possible quality are of paramount importance. Merging’s clients include some of the finest recording studios, broadcast facilities, theatres, theme parks, post-production houses and film dubbing suites in the world.


Claude Cellier, CEO, about RAVENNA:


"Merging Technologies has been developing a proprietary Ethernet-based audio streaming protocol for the past two years. It was a natural progression to join forces with like-minded companies in the RAVENNA consortium. RAVENNA most certainly has all the right ingredients to become the dominant IP standard in the Broadcasting and Recording industries. Among its most striking features is sub-sample synchronization accuracy throughout even the largest networks, whilst maintaining ultra-low latency. The ability to scale that technology from just one or two audio channels up to several hundred fully redundant channels on a robust, Layer 3-based protocol further contributed to our decision to adopt RAVENNA as our primary core I/O and control technology for the future. We are proud to announce that RAVENNA is now the native connection to ALL of the Merging Technologies software and hardware range.”


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