For more than 40 years, Logitek has been manufacturing audio consoles and distribution products for the broadcast industry.  Logitek specializes in high density I/O in its routing products, offering up to 240 channels of analog and digital I/O in small amounts of rack space. Logitek’s AoIP routers integrate all functions needed for a console control surface, including mixing, processing, profanity delays, scene selects and up to 24 mix-minus busses. Multi-format audio distribution has been a mainstay of Logitek routing engines for many years; I/O options currently include Dante®, AES67, LiveWire™, Logitek JetNet, and now RAVENNA.

Physical audio control surfaces are available for Radio stations of all sizes and small to medium market TV stations. Virtual consoles have also been available from Logitek for nearly 20 years. Helix Studio, a large, customizable virtual surface popular with television stations, earned industry acclaim when it was introduced in 2017.


Logitek consoles and routing engines are designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas, USA.


Ravenna quote from Tag Borland, Logitek President:


“As the United States’ first adopter of router-based audio console technology, Logitek has always looked for better ways to manage audio in a facility. RAVENNA’s AoIP networking solutions are world-class, simplifying a station’s workflow and exemplifying the high quality and performance standards that we have incorporated in our broadcast Audio Engines from the beginning. We are pleased to join the RAVENNA Partner team.”


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