Infomedia is the premier pro audio technology company in China and has been serving the professional broadcast market for over 10 years. Infomedia provides end-to-end solutions for radio and new media with strong expertise in digital recorder technology and radio automation systems. Our solutions include audio and video editing systems, radio and video play-out systems, MCR software for radio, networked audio routing systems, streaming platforms, IP audio codec technology, portable audio recording units and media asset management software.


Zhou Nan, CTO, about RAVENNA:

“Infomedia is actively engaged in the development of audio routing units based on networking technology. Low, fixed latency is one of the key issues for audio routing systems made for radio stations. Another important issue is synchronization of digital audio clock among the routing units. RAVENNA offers the flexibility and scalability of an IP-based protocol, but adds accurate synchronization of digital audio clock together with a fixed and ultra-low latency. RAVENNA offers even more features which are also very important to radio customers, i.e. RAVENNA provides high-availability of network connectivity with two network ports in one module.”


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