All Eon Art electronic products features a repleacable circuit board that containt all chemical and electromechanical component that will wear over time, for and easy replacement. They also features easy to open, lockable, no apparent screw, drawer design case; built with thick 7 to 20 mm aluminum and german linear movement mechanic. Our products are designed by a unique supercomputer optimization scientific method.

Eon Art has been producing OEM engineering and production services since 2008 and was founded by Stéphane Hautcoeur. In 2017, Eon Art Canada merged with VENUS Acoustic (speaker manufacturer) to combined their strengths to enhance their expertise in electronic, acoustic and the computing fields.

VENUS Acoustic has a history dating back to the early 2000s. Its founder, Nicolas Dutrieux, designed and assembled an impressive line of acoustic speakers that were exported to France, Spain, Germany and the Caribbean, with design patents.   


Eon Art and M. Stéphane Hautcoeur were the very first to modernize and formalize research and development methods for audio electronics using a process of optimization by scientific supercomputers for circuit design. 


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