DSA-Volgmann develops system solutions for professional broadcasting applications based upon digital control and signal processing. These include fully automatic mixing consoles and switch matrix systems for high-end radio and television operations. Components and functions are custom designed for every purpose, making studio work more efficient, more reliable, and simpler. DSA develops advanced all-in-one solutions designed for individual projects. This is as true for simple stand-alone products as it is for complex customised projects. 


Thomas Volgmann, CEO, about RAVENNA:

"DSA Volgmann is Lawo's long-time R&D partner for the product series Zirkon, Crystal, Sapphire and Nova 17/29. The increasingly complex requirements in broadcasting with regard to flexibility and accessibility will make the availability of an IP-based audio distribution between all participating components indispensable. Direct network-based linking of PC-based radio automation systems with broadcast on-air consoles will significantly simplify installation and configuration and offers increased flexibility during operation. With RAVENNA exists now a solution that complies with the high quality demands of broadcasting. As RAVENNA is based on standard protocols and processes based on Layer 3, it can also be utilised for interconnecting remote stations and local studios without additional media conversion.”


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