Positioned at the convergence of professional audio and video with IT, Digigram offers IP-based solutions that enable users worldwide to increase their competitiveness through change.The company’s products enable the reliable capture, production and delivery of high-quality audio and video over IP networks. Its innovative IP audio codecs, professional sound cards, and audio processing software are used by thousands of journalists, broadcasters, and audio engineers worldwide. Digigram’s all-IP video product line provides advanced contribution and distribution solutions to broadcast, IPTV, Web TV, and OTT operators. The company also delivers key audio/video technologies and OEM solutions to software vendors and manufacturers.


Philippe Delacroix, President & CEO, about RAVENNA:

“IP audio is a key component of our strategy and has been embedded in our audio networking solutions since 2007 with full compatibility with EBU N/ACIP recommendations for AoIP contributions over WANs. The RAVENNA protocol offers a host of neat features for synchronous Audio-over-IP distribution, (particularly for large-scale broadcast production facilities) based on open, existing standards. It was therefore a logical step for Digigram and entirely in keeping with our own in-house IP audio developments to offer bridges to/from the RAVENNA ecosystem. Broadcasters and audio professionals opting for RAVENNA networking for their IP audio deployments will be able to integrate Digigram equipment into their system to create the best possible infrastructure."


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