DirectOut GmbH specialises in developing essential pro audio connectivity, networking and bridging solutions for broadcast, studio, live and installed sound applications. Unique in that all members of the DirectOut development team are still active professional sound engineers, the company is fully focused on real-world demands and problem solving. The product range, marketed under the brand of DirectOut Technologies®, offers solutions that build bridges between different audio worlds and make systems and formats more flexible. Audio formats supported include MADI, AES67 and RAVENNA. 


Stephan Flock, CEO, about RAVENNA:

"In professional audio, MADI has been the most important multichannel digital audio format for many years. While MADI is still growing, network technology has become a fundamental part of today's world. However, as MADI only allows for point-to-point connections, the move towards technology such as RAVENNA that enables multichannel transmission of digital audio signals, is inevitable. RAVENNA is based on the Internet Protocol and offers outstanding features in terms of timing accuracy and scalability. It is important for DirectOut to support an open audio network format, as we strongly believe that only an open format has the chance to be widely adopted.”


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