Broadcast Partners provides broadcast technology products, solutions, consultancy and network operation services for radio & TV stations, production companies and governments. In other words, each day more than 70 employees carry out our company statement “we make radio happen”, or in a broader way “we make broadcast happen”. We pride ourselves to work in a close long-term relationship with our customers and partners, hence the “we” in our statement and the term “partners” in our company name. The company’s focus is on all technical aspects of broadcasting and we take care of the whole broadcast chain, from the studio to the station’s listener & viewers and from delivery of turn key projects regarding broadcast equipment and infrastructure, to delivery and management of the total contribution and distribution chains of our clients. On behalf of its clients Broadcast Partners manages about 450 transmitters on FM, AM, DMB, DVB-T2 and DAB+ on a 24/7/365 basis.


Headquartered in Terneuzen in the Netherlands, Broadcast Partners also has offices in in Hilversum, the hub of media-based industry in the Netherlands, and in Leipzig in Germany. Broadcast Partners was founded in Terneuzen (the Netherlands) in 1979 and over 35 years we have experienced a steady and continuous growth. Although a Dutch company, Broadcast Partners has strong roots in several other European countries. The sale of transmitters and other broadcast equipment to the Belgian and northern parts of the French market were the foundations of our company.


Today, Broadcast Partners is the market leader and system integrator in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark for network operations, sales of transmission and broadcast technology, development of radio automation and consultancy of frequency planning for all transmission bands and all types of broadcast. 


Broadcast Partners R&D manager, René van de Kolk, is pleased to become the latest RAVENNA partner. “IP is becoming more and more prevalent the media industry, if not to say standard in certain environments,” he said. “As full service providers to the industry, it’s therefore our job to ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation to provide our clients with the best and most future-proof solutions that the market has to offer. RAVENNA technology is clearly an important element in the IP for broadcast world, and so it’s natural that we want to support it.”



Contact Information


Axelsestraat 58 NL-4537

AL Terneuzen P.O. Box 11

NL-4530 AA Terneuzen


tel           +31 (0)115 683 555

fax        +31 (0)115 631 285