AVT are experts in the field of telephone hybrids or talk show systems, which are technologies that convert an incoming phone call into an audio signal that is suitable for a studio environment. Naturally, Voice-over-IP technology is playing an increasingly important part in this crucial domain. Another field of expertise for AVT concerns audio codecs that are needed for high quality audio transmissions over different networks. Once again, the transmission standard is now AoIP rather than ISDN or 2-Mbit/s that were used in the past. It is therefore a logical step for AVT to join the ranks of the RAVENNA community.


Wolfgang Peters, AVT’s Sales Director states: 

“As a manufacturer of high-quality IP-based audio systems, the move to implement RAVENNA into our new products represents another milestone towards open standards. In addition, we want our customers to decide freely which solution they prefer in the market. In the long term, a manufacturer-independent Audio-over-IP implementation means security both for us and our customers.”


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