AEQ - Audio and communications for broadcasters. For over 30 years AEQ has been at the forefront of developing communications equipment, broadcast automation systems, broadcast audio mixers, routing systems and other solutions for radio and television. AEQ also offers engineering and installation services for permanent broadcasting facilities and outside broadcasting. Further, AEQ is a well-known equipment and service provider for commentary audio generation, routing and transport at the most important international sport events. AEQ has worldwide presence through a network of distributors that are providing local support to its end-users. AEQ holds offices in USA, Portugal and Spain.


Rogelio de la Fuente, President & CEO of AEQ, about RAVENNA:

AEQ has been providing audio encoding solutions to the broadcast industry since 1991. Our aim has always been to offer maximum flexibility and standard, non-proprietary solutions to the world broadcasting community.  Having implemented IP for its audio networking solutions in 2006, it was therefore a logical step for us to embrace RAVENNA. The RAVENNA environment offers open technology based on existing standards, which fits perfectly with our philosophy here at AEQ. RAVENNA is therefore not an objective for us “per se”,but rather an elegant means of ensuring that the broadcast industry advances towards international standardization of audio-over-IP networking.


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