RAVENNA-2-SAP Converter

RAVENNA-2-SAP AES67 Connection Management Converter

The RAVENNA-2-SAP Converter is free and can be downloaded in our support area. This tool helps connecting RAVENNA devices to other AES67-enabled devices (i.e. devices based on Dante™, Livewire™, Q-LAN™ or other audio networking eco systems).


When the AES67 Standard for High-performance Audio-over-IP Interoperability was published in 2013, all ingredients required to establish audio content interchange between different audio network systems based on IP were defined to its necessary minimum. However, since the standard focusses on interoperability, some advanced functions typically offered by various audio network solutions such as advertisement & discovery and connection management information exchange are left open as different methods and protocols exists which suitability depends on specific use cases and application environment.


The RAVENNA-2-SAP Converter helps bridging this gap by providing session announcement translation between RAVENNA and SAP-based systems or devices, including SDP translation and forwarding to ease connection management.


The following video clip provides an explanation on the background and operation of the RAV2SAP converter, jointly presented by

Patrick Killianey (Yamaha) and Andreas Hildebrand (ALC NetworX). This clip is part of a larger video introducing AES67 which has been produced by Yamaha Professional Audio with the help of ALC NetworX, Axia Audio and QSC. The original video can be found here.





You can also find out more on the RAVENNA-2-SAP Converter in our German Proaudio.tv series which also provides an overview of audio networking technologies, presented by Andreas Hildebrand