Solutions by ALC NetworX


The RAVENNA COMi.MX from ALC NetworX is a fully self-contained 2x 64 channel RAVENNA SoM board. It is offered to manufacturers for easy integration of RAVENNA/AES67 functionality into their existing product designs.


Its performance capabilities are aligned with the highest demands in network throughput, channel count and latency. Full AES/EBU bit transparency and support for sample rates up to 192kHz render it extremely useful for broadcast and recording applications. It offers maximum flexibility in IP stream configuration and processing to work under any application environment from simple AES/EBU stereo streaming to high-performance MADI-over-IP transfer and beyond. A jitter buffer size of up to 80 ms per channel can accommodate large packet jitter as may be seen in certain WAN applications.


Two RAVENNA Gigabit Ethernet interfaces offer the choice of full streaming redundancy or doubling the available network bandwidth. Connectivity to the host platform is provided by two independent audio interfaces: 64-channel TDM and 64-channel MADI. An integrated fully switchable 4-tier 256x256 channel audio matrix adds maximum signal routing flexibility.


Finally, the module can serve as a PTP grandmaster in applications where an external grandmaster is not available. Its built-in GenLock capability offers a wide range of external synchronization options. The board fully supports AES67 interoperability.

The RAVENNA COMi.MX module is designed to serve a wide range of applications, e.g. I/O module for mixing desks or stage box interfaces, high-capacity signal conversion / processing units, interface for high-performance audio “end” points (i.e. analog / digital audio signal converters / congregators, speaker arrays et al).


It is exclusively available for OEM integration to RAVENNA partner companies.

key features

  • Fully self-contained RAVENNA implementation
  • 2 x 64 channels in & out
  • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
  • Full AES/EBU bit-transparent operation
  • Lowest latency support: down to 1 sample/packet!
  • sample buffer up to 4096 samples per channel
  • Audio interfaces: I2S (8 ch) or TDM (64 ch), MADI (64 ch)
  • 256 x 256 channel audio matrix
  • 2 GbE NICs for load balancing or stream redundancy
  • PTP Grandmaster capability with GenLock to ext. word clock
  • Battery-backed RTC
  • Full AES67 support


  • Easy integration of RAVENNA/AES67 networking into any kind of products – fast time-to-market
  • Fully self-contained RAVENNA/AES67 functionality – no specific network know-how required
  • Mechanical flexibility due to offboard network interface connectors
  • Proven & reliable operation – used in a variety of core products (i.e. mixing desks, routers etc.)


Mechanical design & operational requirements    
Dimensions 105 x 95mm, 5 mounting stand-offs
Host Connector Samtec ERM8-060-05.0-L-DV-TR ,120 pins, low-height
Power Supply single voltage 4.75 - 15 V DC
Max. operating temp +50°C
System design
Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA, FreeScale i.MX257 μC, Linux OS
1 MB on-board SRAM for audio sample buffer
Real-time clock with battery backup
System control & communication: 2x I2C / 1x SPI / 2x USB
System watchdog / CPUDBG / JTAG interface
2x GbE interfaces with on-board PHYs and auto media detection (1000/100/10BASE-T or SFP), host to supply RJ45+magnetics and/or SFP Cage
Audio interface
4x audio in/out: configurable to I2S or TDM (I16S)
Serial MADI in/out w/ 64 channels
Word clock in/out
Supported sample rates: 44.1 / 48 kHz ... 184.4 / 192 kHz
256x256 channel 4-tier audio matrix (MADI / TDM / RAV1 / RAV2)