As a manufacturer looking to adopt audio networking into your products, RAVENNA gives you the most options.

  • With RAVENNA you are not tied to a single supplier for your audio networking solution

  • With RAVENNA you have a choice of networking hardware supplier

  • You can create your own RAVENNA solution with no ongoing licensing fees

  • There are software options for embedded and PC solutions

Remember that by using RAVENNA you are guaranteed AES67 interoperability.


In the fast-changing world of audio networking you want to be sure that the protocol you adopt will move with the times and remain relevant to the industry.

You also want a protocol that it is open so that you are not just reliant on the developers for future development and so that your investment in the technology is risk-free.


RAVENNA technology is open and available to anyone. Some companies have developed their own solutions in this way, whilst others get support on how to implement RAVENNA into their products from RAVENNA partners.


RAVENNA was developed by ALC NetworX, an independently run company based in Munich. Their team of developers created the RAVENNA technology in conjunction with a number of partner companies in response to a growing need within the broadcast industry for a powerful and reliable audio networking solution.


RAVENNA partners contribute ideas and exchange on a regular basis. New features requested by partners are incorporated into updates. The partners have a number of plans and ideas to develop the RAVENNA protocol with new features, whilst ensuring compatibility with older systems.

What’s more the AES67 interoperability standard was actually based on RAVENNA. AES67 is a standard that was developed by the Audio Engineering Society in order to allow audio devices to interoperate using different networking protocols. AES67 and RAVENNA do not require any special networking hardware. Standard professional switches may be used.


Whilst RAVENNA is currently developed by ALC NetworX, they are just the custodians, working with the other partners.


If ALC were ever to stop looking after RAVENNA then nothing would change for those who have  adopted the technology. Other companies already provide RAVENNA implementations and there is no restriction on anyone providing this service. The RAVENNA partners would continue work on further development.


Actively Developed Yes No Yes No Yes
Uses Standard Network Switches Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Multiple Solution Providers Yes No No No Yes
Software-only Solutions Yes No Yes No Possible
OSI Layer-3 Yes No Yes No No
Solutions with no ongoing License Fees Yes No No No Yes
AES67 Compliance Yes No Coming No No
Up to 384kHz Sample Rate Yes No No No No
Multi-Format Audio Support Yes No No No Yes


Gives you rights to use the RAVENNA logo and offers extended support documentation in a closed extranet and the right to ask for assistance from developers.


Some people have created their own RAVENNA implementations without any special support from us, just based on the information that we freely publish.


We expect other providers to add to these options in the near future and there is no restriction on any company who wishes to provide RAVENNA implementation solutions.