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AES 2019

AES AES Exhibition Hall — 963 at AoIP Pavilion New York OCTOBER 16-18th 2019
AES Conference See details of conference schedule below New York OCTOBER 16-20th 2019


Presentations by ravenna partners at AES 2019 — AES/AIMS AoIP Pavilion theatre

ALC NetworX Andreas Hildebrand Technical: Synchronization & Alignment (ST2110 / AES67)

Wednesday: 16:30

Thursday: 15:30

ALC NetworX Andreas Hildebrand AES67 / ST2110 / NMOS - an overview on current SDO activities

Wednesday: 14:30

Friday: 14:00

ALC NetworX Andreas Hildebrand AES67 / ST2110 Audio Transport & Routing (NMOS IS-08)

Wednesday: 16:00

ALC NetworX Andreas Hildebrand AES67 and SMPTE ST2110 - the Vulcan nerve pinch to RAVENNA?

Friday: 12:00

Dolby Labs Kent Terry Audio meta data transport

Thursday: 16:00

DirectOut Luca Giaroli How to configure your RAVENNA setup with globcon — new "global control" software platform

Thursday: 11:00

Genelec Aki Mäkivirta Audio Monitoring Solutions for Audio-over-IP

Wednesday: 11:30

Friday: 14.30

Riedel Communications Rick Seegull Bolero Wireless Intercom System in AES67 Networks

Wednesday: 14.00

Thursday: 14.00

Ross Video Nestor Amaya Innovation through Open Technologies

Wednesday: 15.00

Thursday: 16:30

The Telos Alliance Martin Dyster Reinventing Intercom with SMPTE ST 2110-30

Wednesday: 15.30

Friday: 10:30

Lawo Lucas Zwicker ST 2110 Enabled Centralized Production

Wednesday: 17.00

Riedel Communications Rick Seegull NMOS - A General Overview of the Current State

Thursday: 12.00


Presentations  at AES Conference 2019

ALC NetworX Andreas Hildebrand Panelist B11: Sound Knowledge: Learn How SMPTE ST 2110 Helps Audio Stand Out Oct 18 - 9:00 am
ALC NetworX Andreas Hildebrand Presenter NA05: Network Media Open Specifications (NMOS) —
How They Relate to Audio Networking
Oct 19 - 2:45 pm
Dolby Labs Kent Terry Presenter B13: Metadata — What Works, What Does Not and Why?  Oct 18 - 10:30 am
Dolby Labs Kent Terry Panelist B15: Facility Designed for IP  Oct 18 - 2:30 pm


Audio Network Forum 2019

The second Audio Network Forum organized by will take place on Thursday, Nov 13th, 2019 at SAE Institute in Hamburg, Germany. Topics include news and updates on technologies (RAVENNA/AES67, Dante, AVB), projects and products as well as status updates on latest standards activities (SMPTE, AES, AMWA NMOS). A repetition course on basics and fundamentals related to audio networking will be offered before the official program for those who may have missed last year's seminar or feel they need a refresh to get back on track. Presenters include Andreas Hildebrand, Stefan Ledergerber, Maurice Engler and many more.

Seminar fee is 59,50

More information and registration:


Attention: seminar language is German!

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