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RAVENNA demo rack in action at tmt30

RAVENNA at Tonmeistertagung Cologne

fRIDAY 16th november

 11:30 am


Room - R3

AES67 & ST2110 - Commonalities & Constraints


The ST2110 standard defines the transport and synchronization of elementary video, audio and ancillary data essence streams in managed IP networks. AES67 uses the same mechanisms and protocols and thus is consequently referenced in ST2110 for the audio essence transport. This presentation dives into the fundamentals of both standards and eplains the commonalities & constraints between ST2110 & AES67. It also touches on inter-stream synchronization, particularly from the audio view point where sample-accurate alignment of signals is a common requirement. The concept of common system time and the differences between network clock, media clocks and stream clocks are explained. The final key element then is a common (time) reference plane.


Andreas Hildebrand, Tutorial (English)


Saturday 17th November

 11:00 am

Room - R3 

AES67 Practical - a Guide on how to setup AES67 Networks


Since its publication in 2013, AES67 has received a wide support from virtually all AoIP device manufacturers. Although it outlines all compulsory protocols and mandates for a very narrow yet useful operating point with respect to PTP, QoS and payload formats, achieving smooth interoperability among AES67 devices from various manufactures still requires some deeper knowledge about underlying concepts as well as on specific constraints related to individual products or the AoIP family they belong to. If you plan to deploy an AES67 network with devices adhering to different AoIP technologies, like RAVENNA, Dante or Livewire, this tutorial will provide some useful insight helping to avoid some common (and maybe uncommon) pitfall with respect to general network configuration, PTP deployment, multicast and QoS configuration. It will also briefly explain various methods of stream discovery and connection management.


Andreas Hildebrand, Tutorial (English)



Room - R3 

Real-time Media Networks Panel - a Q&A Session


 Transporting real-time audio and media data over Ethernet and IP networks is quite common nowadays. Consequently it's a hot topic when planning a new system, for small recording studios as well as for large live venues. On the other hand, not all users are confident using IT-based systems when they are used to rely on point-to-point technologies for real-time data. In this session we will bring experts in various fields - ranging from underlying infrastructure to open standard device control - together on one stage, so you can unload all the questions you have. 


Marc Schettke,  Andreas Hildebrand, Stefan Ledergerber (Simplexity),

Bodo Felusch, Michael Wuest (Black Box Deutschland), Henning Kaltheuner (d&b audiotechnik),

Professor Richard Foss, round table Discussion (English) 


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TMT30 Tonmeistertagung, Köln  November 14-17th 2018  Booth B-22
ISE Amsterdam February 5th - 8th 2019