AES Convention, Berlin                          20th -23rd May  
IBC 2017, RAI Amsterdam 14-19th September  


Presentations by Andreas Hildebrand:


AES Convention, Berlin                          Overview on Audio and Video over IP Standards Saturday 20th May 2017, 9.00-10.00am

 Since the publication of the AES67 Standard on High performance Streaming Audio-over-IP, further work has been started in various standardization organizations. Notably, the SMPTE is working on a suite of standards based on the work of the Joint Task Force for Network Media (JT-NM) and AES67 - SMPTE2110. This session will provide an overview on those standards, highlight their motivation, briefly explain the protocols and network mechanics chosen and how they relate to AES67.



AES Convention, Berlin                        Practical AES67                                                         Monday 22nd May 2017, 9.45-10.45am

This session will demonstrate a working AES67 environment (including RAVENNA)and give insight on device and network configuration, management and monitoring.



EBU Network Technology Seminar, Geneva Studio Video over IP: How it All Comes Together Tue + Wed, 20 + 21th June 2017

 Audio and video over IP have been in use for quite some time now in media contribution and distribution. While discrete digital signal transport (i.e. SDI and AES/MADI) remained the most commonly used methods for media signal transport within production and broadcast facilities, recent technology developments have enabled IT- and IP-based transport methods to gain even greater traction in this last bastion of tradition.


Initial technology bridgeheads pushed by individual company efforts, usually based on a blend of technology standards and proprietary seasoning, are now followed by an industry-wide consolidation. Industry alliances like AIMS, AMWA, MNA and VSF are bringing together individual technology achievements to form condensed, best-of-breed concepts based on existing broadcast workflows and proven IT standards. And standards organizations like AES and SMPTE are working hard on defining future-proof interoperability standards based on these concepts.


If underlying technology acronyms like IP, UDP, RTP, PTP, SDP, SIP, SAP, SDN sound somehow familiar to you, and you have heard about industry alliances like AIMS, AMWA, MNA, VSF, JT-NM and the concepts they are promoting, such as TR03/04, AES67, NMOS, but are not really sure how all this relates to each other and to the work AES, SMPTE, IEEE and IETF are currently conducting, this session may be for you.