ALC NetworX GmbH

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81249 Munich


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Andreas Hildebrand is the Senior Product Manager for the RAVENNA technology developed by ALC NetworX, Germany. He has over 20 years experience within the Professional Audio / Broadcasting industry. He received a graduate diploma in computer science and worked as a software engineer and Head of Development for companies in Germany and the US for several years. Later engagements included senior project management responsibilities for a news system implementation at CNN-SI / Atlanta and WNPR / Washington D.C. Before joining ALC NetworX, he was leading the Product Management at DAVID Systems, an international software company in the Professional Audio / Broadcast market. He was a full-time participant in the AES X192 Task Group defining the new AES67 standard.

Ralf Michl: Being engaged as a software engineer in the Broadcast industry for more than 15 years, Ralf has developed strong skills in the design and programming of databases, back-end services and network communication interfaces. While mainly working in Java environments, he also has strong experience in C/C++ programming. He is leading the R&D activities at ALC NetworX.

Axel Holzinger is engaged as senior developer in R&D. As a hardware designer and software developer Axel has over 15 years experience in the Professional Audio / Broadcast industry and is now something of an expert in audio and video technology. He has a strong standing with standardisation organisations (mainly EBU and AES) and was a major contributor to the EBU RF64 file format standard for multi channel audio streams.

Other members of the R&D team complement the company's overall know-how by contributing strong and long-standing experience in the fields of embedded system design, Linux operating system environments, network device development, web services and client / server applications.


The company is led by CEO Philipp Lawo. Philipp also chairs the Lawo Group and is CEO of Lawo AG, Rastatt. Lawo AG has been a manufacturer and supplier of premium mixing consoles and audio switchers for the Professional Audio / Broadcast market for more than 40 years.