RAVENNA is a solution for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments. Utilizing standardized network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate in existing network infrastructures and is fully AES67 compliant.


RAVENNA is an acronym for Realtime Audio Video Enhanced Next generation Network Architecture.


Initially developed to meet the exacting demands of the professional broadcast market, RAVENNA offers the best performance charecteristics of any audio-over-IP transport solution on the market today: very low latency, full signal transparency and high reliability. Fields of application include in-house signal distribution for broadcasting houses and other fixed installations; flexible setups at venues and live events; OB van support; inter-studio links across WAN links and production facilities. 


Powerful, scaleable and reliable, the RAVENNA technology framework is already a high-quality stand-alone solution. It is also currently the easiest and most cost-effective route for manufacturers to offer their clients AES67 compatibility, thus taking a large step forwards in their ability to develop interoperable, standards-agnostic communications and signal transport solutions.


Liaisons with standard organizations and industry alliances (i.e. AES, AIMS, AMWA, SMPTE and others) ensure close alignment of the RAVENNA technology with current industry trends. Consequently, RAVENNA is already compliant with the SMPTE ST2110-30 and ST2110-31 standards.


The RAVENNA Partner Network is comprised of a variety of developers and manufacturers across the pro-audio industry all committed to implementing RAVENNA technology in their own products and solutions. The aim is to raise standards of AoIP solutions in general, deliver the highest possible quality to the customer and move the industry towards maximum interoperability via the adoption of RAVENNA and AES67.


RAVENNA was developed by ALC NetworX who continues to be leading developer of the technology. However, given that RAVENNA is an open technology based on existing standards, this means that anyone is free to develop their own solutions. Indeed, this is actively encouraged in order to give customers as much choice as possible and not have to rely on ALC NetworX as the exclusive solution provider.