RAVENNA helps demystify ST 2110 in unique educational event

    RAVENNA has joined forces with RAVENNA community members, Genelec, Lawo and Meinberg to host a unique educational event in London on 25th June at the Genelec Experience Centre. 

    “Everything you wanted to know about ST 2110 but were afraid to ask,” is a day-long seminar aimed at anyone who is affected by or looking to implement IP workflows and would like to better understand how ST 2110 fits into the IP landscape.


    The seminar will provide an overview on the “SMPTE ST 2110 Standard for Media Transport over Managed IP Networks”. The underlying principles of synchronization and transport of audio and video essence will be explained in further detail with particular emphasis on video aspects (SMPTE ST2110-20… -23) and on audio transport and routing functionality (SMPTE ST 2110-30/-31 & NMOS IS-05&-08). A special session covers SMPTE ST2059 and an outlook on the upcoming IEEE 1588 (PTP) Standard revision. Once the theory has been covered, a small demo setup will be fully explained and there will be discussion of some practical deployment examples.


    Candidates who may find this seminar useful include managers facing deployment decisions; engineers and system designers involved in planning infrastructures and deployment of IP workflows; and anyone who is simply interested in learning more about SMPTE ST 2110 and related industry standards. The presenters are Andreas Hildebrand from ALC NetworX, Phil Myers from Lawo and Daniel Boldt from Meinberg. Tickets cost 100€ including lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.


    “This is a great opportunity to take a deep dive into ST 2110 and the next generation of audio and video networks,” says Andreas Hildebrand. “The future of networking is already here, and it’s IP – no-one can ignore the growing importance of IP infrastructures and workflows, so it’s best to be prepared as far as possible. This seminar is an excellent way to improve your knowledge base on ST 2110 and its place in an IP-networked world.”


    For more information and booking details, please visit https://www.ravenna-network.com/about-ravenna/trade-shows-events/

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