Dolby engages in RAVENNA Partnership


    It was revealed today that Dolby Laboratories has become the latest partner to join the RAVENNA partnership. The announcement comes after the news that Stage Tec has become a RAVENNA partner, demonstrating that RAVENNA technology continues to gain momentum as a leading audio networking technology within the broadcast industry.  


    As AoIP workflows are fast becoming the rule rather than the exception in broadcast environments, it is natural to seek the most flexible and scalable means possible of transporting audio together with its associated metadata. RAVENNA audio networking technology, with its powerful performance capabilities, is a natural choice for enabling broadcast workflows. 



    Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA Evangelist at ALC NetworX, adds: “We are absolutely delighted to engage with Dolby in a RAVENNA partnership. Dolby’s unsurpassed know-how and experience adds greatly to the expertise of the RAVENNA  community, further enhancing RAVENNA’s capabilities and scope of application.


    The ability to transport audio metadata over IP alongside standard audio signals will open the doors to the world of object-based audio production. Using the RAVENNA open networking technology as a basis for implementation demonstrates RAVENNA’s flexibility and sustainability in the ever-increasing diversity of network-based application requirements.” 


    Jeff Riedmiller, Vice President, Office of the CTO, at Dolby Laboratories adds: “Dolby and RAVENNA share a mutual commitment to support open standards for IP-based audio transport. RAVENNA is a leader in the industry and their technology has been incorporated in many key standards.


    We believe the addition of audio metadata to existing IP-based audio solutions will open up a whole new world of capabilities for live audio, enabling features never before possible in live audio production.”