IBC 2017 offers rich pickings for RAVENNA hunters!


    As audio-over-IP, and now increasingly video-over-IP workflows become an accepted part of the broadcast landscape, naturally more and more IP-enabled products are coming to market. RAVENNA remains the most powerful, scalable and flexible option for implementing IP workflows in broadcast environment, and this year’s IBC offers implementers the widest choice yet of RAVENNA-enabled product.


    A large number of devices can be seen in action as part of the IP Showcase (room E.106) dedicated to the demonstration of real-world IP interoperability based on AES67 and SMPTE ST2110 standards – indeed, nine of the fourteen MNA IP Showcase participants are either RAVENNA partners or use RAVENNA/AES67 technology, or both.


    On the show floor, highlights of the RAVENNA offering this year include the ruby networked radio console from Lawo. Ruby is fully AES67-compliant thanks to its built-in RAVENNA capability.  Ruby’s Power Core mixing engine can handle hundreds of AES67/RAVENNA channels in just 1U, and its 2048 x 2028 routing matrix and open-source Ember+ control protocol means you can connect and control any studio hardware or software you choose from the ever-expanding AES67/RAVENNA universe.


    Merging Technologies have some equally exciting products in the form of their ZMAN RAVENNA/AES67 OEM modules for ultra-high-resolution audio including DXD and DSD. ZMAN is available in two formats; ZMAN-010 is a cost-effective, entry-level version for low-to-moderate channel counts up to 64 x 64 channels. For those looking for higher performance, ZMAN-020 offers up to 256 x 256 channels.


    The second product from Merging is the ANEMAN audio network management software, a ground-breaking piece of software that enables networked audio devices to connect seamlessly with each other. This highly flexible technology can be used for audio patching, control and much more. It joins up the patching of media streams, remote control of devices and control and configuration of the network itself. Manufacturers can freely adopt ANEMAN into their products thanks to a simple plugin, or become part of the ANEMAN development program.


    Our friends at Sonifex have also been busy with a host of new products announced for the show. In fact, they have so much new stuff, we’re only going to feature one of them here, and that is the revolutionary AVN-PXH12 mix monitor capable of simultaneously monitoring and mixing up to 24 AES67 AoIP sources. Based on high performance RAVENNA technology for full AES567 compatibility, the 1U device provides intuitive, at-a-glance mix/monitoring with outputs to headphone or speakers.


    Other RAVENNA partners with new products to show include Digigram who will be featuring their AUDIOWAY BRIDGE gateway between legacy and AoIP equipment in the studio, allowing users to input MADI, AES67, RAVENNA and AES/EBU, and then route audio and associated clocks to output in any of these formats. Digigram will also be showing the IQOYA*SERV/LINK high density 1U multichannel IP audio codec for delivery of audio programs in various applications and IP audio transcoding.


    DirectOut will be presenting a new GUI with enhanced functionality for their MONTONE.42 MADI/Audio-over-IP bridge. In addition, DirectOut has just announced support for Merging’s ANEMAN with its newest firmware release.


    AETA has an advanced commentary codec with AoIP, ISDN, 3G/4G and RAVENNA/AES67 capabilities called ScoopTeam. Ideal for TV and radio sports broadcasting, the ScoopTeam commentary unit integrates a codec for live transmission of one or two high quality audio signals. The premium version enables transmission via a RAVENNA interface and offers two additional analog inputs and one AES input.

    2wcom will be highlighting their versatile MM01 AoIP codec designed for studio-to-transmitter link applications, studio-to-studio transmissions as well as broadcast and production purposes.


    DHD is showing their brand new XC2 AES67 RAVENNA interface which boosts the AoIP capabilities of all DHD mixing consoles and routers. The device fits into the internal extension slot of all 52/XC2 Cores, 532/XS2 Cores and 52/XC2 Concentrators and enables you to send and receive up to 32 AES67/RAVENNA streams or 64 mono channels.


    Qbit is announcing the compact, 1U Q880 multi-channel audio gateway codec with RAVENNA/AES67 technology which now offers 128 channels of audio encoding/decoding for STL, DVB audio or web streaming in just one 1U. The Q880 supports all common coding algorithms and enables customers to easily connect their in-house RAVENNA/AES67 infrastructure to the outside world.


    Luminex is showing the brand new Gigacore 10, vaunted as the most versatile Gigacore switch ever designed by Luminex. Designed for applications with Ethernet-enabled devices (e.g. moving lights, PA systems, cameras or stage connectivity) the Gigacore 10 provides 8 x Gigbit Ethercon ports, two slots for rugged fiber connectivity and ArtNet, sACN, MANet, Dante™, RAVENNA/AES67, Q-LAN, PTPv2, RTTrPL (BlackTrax) compatibility and more.


    It goes without saying that a wide selection of RAVENNA products from several RAVENNA partners will also be on display at the RAVENNA booth 8.F57 including our favorite RAVENNA green Genelec 8430A IP SAM studio monitors!


    For further information on all the above products and more, please visit the RAVENNA partners concerned. Details of their stands can be found on our specially designed booth map




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