IBC 2015 sees raft of new, RAVENNA-enabled product


    IBC 2015 will be showcasing a slew of new RAVENNA/AES67-enabled product from a number of different manufacturers. New products include everything from plug-in modules from solutions specialists, Archwave, to finished products from the likes of TSL, Neumann, DirectOut, Merging Technologies, Lawo, Sonifex, Digigram, GatesAir and others.


    LAWO NOVA37 - Hybrid RAVENNA/MADI audio router

    Lawo alone will be showing no less than ten new RAVENNA products including NOVA37, their innovative hybrid RAVENNA/MADI Plug & Play audio router, already road-tested at the huge Bastille Day celebrations in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Other Lawo products include a new RAVENNA virtual sound card for the JADE engine and A_digital8 and A_madi8, the latest members of Lawo’s new A_line series of high quality audio-to-IP interfaces based on RAVENNA technology for broadcast, live and install applications.


    Neumann will be showcasing the most up-to-date version of their RAVENNA-enabled DMI-8 digital microphone interface which was recently deployed in force (no fewer than ten units) for a major classical concert in Lille’s state-of-the-art covered stadium. The DMI-8s were an integral part of the largest ever RAVENNA digital audio networking setup in a live situation.

    DirectOut MONTONE.42

    German connectivity specialists, DirectOut, are pleased to be showing the MONTONE.42 MADI-AoIP bridge based on RAVENNA audio networking technology. The company recently teamed up with Merging Technologies to demonstrate high-performance bi-directional interoperability of 256 channels via RAVENNA between MONTONE.42 and Merging’s renowned Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW. From their side, Merging will be revealing Pyramix 10, the very latest version of the powerful software that has revolutionized digital workflow techniques in post-production studios worldwide.

    British broadcast audio equipment manufacturer, Sonifex, is pleased to bring to market their first product for use in RAVENNA networks, the AVN-GMC PTPv2 grandmaster clock with GPS receiver for use with AoIP applications. IEEE 1588 PTP (precision time protocol) is used to synchronise all the nodes within a network. To achieve this one of the nodes must become the master clock and distribute time packets to the others. The AVN-GMC is designed to perform this role simply and accurately, acting as a GPS receiver and enabling sub micro-second synchronisation between all nodes.

    Global leaders in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, GatesAir, will also be taking advantage of IBC to showcase VMXPress IP, an AES67-compliant audio and logic device that establishes a standards-based AoIP gateway for radio studios. Leveraging the non-proprietary nature of RAVENNA networking technology, VMXpress IP drives interoperability across the studio through its open, standards-based foundation.


    TSL Products will be presenting their newly redesigned MPA (Monitor Plus Audio) family. Rebuilt from the ground up to offer greater ease of use and excellent sound quality, the new audio monitoring range offers solutions for traditional I/O as well as embracing the industry’s move to AoIP workflows with integrated support for both RAVENNA and Dante.


    Archwave, the Swiss audio interface solutions specialists, have added to their AudioLan product family with the new uNET MINI module for streaming audio over AES67/RAVENNA networks. Designed for end-point applications such as networked loudspeakers or microphones, the module accepts two digital streams in 12S format and converts them to AES67/RAVENNA for streaming over Ethernet cable.


    Finally, last but by no means least, Digigram will be demonstrating a simple RAVENNA-based radio setup on their stand using the LX-IP RAVENNA PC audio-to-RAVENNA sound card, the IQOYA*CALL AoIP codec and a Lawo console.


    The above represents just a selection of the plethora of RAVENNA-enabled products on show at IBC 2015 and is representative of the growing trend towards IP and digital workflows in broadcast environments.

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