DirectOut and Merging announce interoperability of 256 channels via RAVENNA

    The advantages of audio networks have been well publicized and are easy to understand, but in a true professional working environment, the importance of moving large channel counts around the network with very low latency is of great importance.

    German pro audio connectivity specialists DirectOut and networked audio specialists Merging, are proud to announce high-performance interoperability of both their in-house developed RAVENNA cores. DirectOut’s MONTONE.42 supports low-latency streaming of 256 audio channels to and from Merging’s Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW. This high capacity and low latency feature demonstrates the full benefit of RAVENNA. Other RAVENNA-compliant devices such as Merging’s Horus and Hapi networked audio converters and DirectOut’s PRODUCER.COM can simply be added to the network to provide additional features and functionality.

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