PSNE: GatesAir sees the way ahead for broadcasting with IP & RAVENNA

    IP has been regarded as the future for broadcasting in both studio distribution and broadcast centre-to-transmitter links for the last 10 years. GatesAir is the former Harris Broadcast division of the Gores Group for network management, digital audio console, studio to transmitter links (STLs) and transmitters for radio and large-scale, single frequency transmission in TV. Rich Redmond, chief product officer for GatesAir, explains: "On the studio connectivity side of audio broadcasting, the debate over the last few years has been whether to go with Dante or RAVENNA.


    RAVENNA, conceived by Philipp Lawo and produced by Lawo associate company ALC NetworX, is promoted as a more dedicated broadcast system.


    GatesAir has gone the broadcasting route, announcing on 16 June that it had joined the RAVENNA community of partners. Redmond explains that the decision was influenced by RAVENNA’s compliance with the Audio Engineering Society AES67 standard for IP interoperability. ...